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Dashkasan (Azerbaijani: Daşkəsən) is a rayon of Azerbaijan. The district was called Dastafur (Azerbaijani: Dəstəfur) until 1956. The district is located in northwestern Azerbaijan, 33–41 km away from Ganja city and on northeastern edge of Lesser Caucasus rising 1,600-1,800 meters above sea level. The regional capital of the raion is Dashkasan city located by Qoshqar River on a mountain. The capital was established as an urban facility on March 16, 1948, after the end of World War I, mainly to explore and mine iron ore and other natural resources

The rayon covers the Dashkasan plateau of the Lesser Caucasian Mountain range encompassing parts and tips of Shahdagh and Murovdag ranges. The highest altitudes are at Hinaldag Peak (3,367 meters) and Qoshqar Peak (3,361 meters). Part of Bashkend-Dastafur lowlands also falls in Dashkasan rayon. This part of the region is rich with cretaceous chalk. Average annual rainfall is 600–900 mm. It mostly rains during spring time. The mountains are enriched with oak forests. There is a lot of vegetation used for curing various deceases. Among the treating plants, one can find thyme, achillea, asteraceae, stellaria, mountain viola, etc. There are also so-called treatment springs containing pure mountain water which cleanse the internal organs.