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Goychay District

“Goychay” is a true Turkic origin and taken from the name of the river Goychay on the shore. This is why the water of the river is too transparent and it sounds blue (blue). Ancient authors Strabon, Ptolomey, Plini and others point to the economic life of the region, noting that the people living here are engaged in grain cultivation, viticulture, the Transcaucasian trade route linking Iberica and the Caspian coast. The villages belonging to the Goychay district have been part of various local feudal states in separate historical periods. From the sources, the right and left banks of the Goychay River seem to be subordinate to the Gabala district from 1025 to the 14th century. During the period of Khanates Goychay has already become the administrative territory of Shirvanshahs.Turkey has been formed by the population of KaramanBeylerbeyli, the most populous country . Goychay was an administrative center of the Goychay administrative center as a result of the First Russian Occupation (1801-1920), located in the west of the governorate of Baku, covering the vast territory of the governorate and included in the governorate, two settlements and 62 rural communities. Part of the population affected by the earthquake in Shamakhi in the 50s of the 19th century moved to the territory of Goychay and thus the settlement was expanded. Within the framework of the Tsarist government ‘s administrative reforms in the Caucasus , in December 1867 , the Goychay accidentwas created. Goychay settlement, the center of the accident, was renamed the city since 1916 . The Goychay fight between Turkish and Armenian troops took place in 1918 . The Goychay accident was canceled in 1929. Azerbaijan of the zoning on the 1930 th year, 8 August Goychay was held administrative region. The development of the city of Goychay also began in the 30s of the XX century.


In the battles for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Göyçaylıar closely participated. In the battles for the liberation of Karabakh from the Armenian armed forces, the Goyhayans killed 163 people, 44 were missing, 106 were disabled.