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Zaqatala is a city in northwest of Azerbaijan it is the main municipality of Zaqatala district. The city is populated by a variety of ethnic groups such as Ingiloys, Avars, Tsakhurs, Russians,Georgians, Lezgis, Tatars and etc. each speaking their own (linguistically unrelated) languages including Azerbaijani. The basis of the region's economy is agriculture.More than 37.8 percent of the total area and over 51,000 hectares are forested areas.85% of existing forests are located in the mountainous area. Those forests play exempted importance as protector of land and water, air purifier and also a source of aesthetic beauty.Zagatala State Reserve (47.4 thousand hectares), the first preserve of Transcaucasia (1929) with its rich flora and fauna, is indispensable for the development of ecotourism. Flora of Zagatala region is rich in different types of trees-chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, oak, hawthorn, pine tree and so on. Fauna – represented by deer, mountain goat, boar, bear, wolf, rabbit, and many bird species-pheasants, ptarmigan,peregrine falcon, jackdaw, partridge, kite, nightingale and etc. According to 132 numbered resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 2, 2001 approximately more than 100 monuments were registered which is protected by the state in the territory of Zaqatala. The oldest of them are Parikhala, Armatay Fortress, Cingozqala, Devil Tower, Zagatala Fortress and others. There are more than 10 Alban monuments in the rural areas of the region dating back to the VI-VIII centuries in the Mamrux (Mamrux church), Mazhikh, Mukhakh, Qabizdar, Yukhari Tala (Upper Tala Temple) and Upper Charvadx villages. Most of the historical monuments of the region are located in villages that remained alive from ancient times.